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1. [BioChemistry] Biological Chemistry Researchers Target XIAP/Caspase-7 Complex to Kill Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells (Chinese Version) 2013.09.13
2. [BioChemistry] Vaccinia A27 Protein Structure is Revealed to Regulate Virus and Host Cell Membrane Fusion (Chinese Version) rid:6030%26isEnglish:1 2013.09.09
3. [Academics] Five Scholars Receive First Academia Sinica Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences 2013.01.07
4. [Cognitive Sciences] Cognitive Neuroscientists Find the Cross-cultural Universality of Brain Networks for rReading 2013.01.07
5. [Cross-strait Cooperation] Lanzhou University Visits NCKU to Boost Academic Collaboration 2013.01.07
6. [BioTech] Taiwan Researchers Develop Silk Protein Extraction Technique 2013.01.07
7. [Precision Machine] University Unveils Submicron Precision Lathe 2013.01.07
8. [Robots] Taiwanese Scientist Talks about Driving Mars 'Curiosity' Rover 2013.01.07
9. [Academics] Academia Sinica's Taiwan International Graduate Program to Hold Seventh Certificate Conferral Ceremony 2012.12.28
10. [Academics] Complicated Relationship between Hu Shih and Chiang Kai-shek Revealed in Special Exhibition 2012.12.26
11. [BioMedical Engineering] NCKU Unveils i-Transport for the Handicapped 2012.12.26
12. [Sci-tech Policy] National Science and Technology Conference to Help with Forming National Sci-tech Policy Consensuses 2012.12.26
13. [International Participation] Taiwan Hands Over E-learning Project to St. Lucia Government 2012.12.18
14. [Computer Industry] Quanta, Intel Unveil Low-power Computer Server 2012.12.18
15. [Academics] Nobel Laureate Ei-ichi NEGISHI Visits NCKU 2012.12.18
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