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Science and Technology Division in Australia visited the Australian Research Council (ARC) Full Story ...
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 A new method of biological samples transportation 2017.09.05
 Proteins able to detect small amounts of radiation 2017.09.05
 The new generation mouthwash based on metal nanoparticles 2017.09.05
 A cybernet implant into the eye of a blind patient. 2017.09.05
 Non-waste production of technetium for medicine. 2017.09.05
Feature Reports Feature Reports
New Digital World Yen-Kuang Chen, Chairman of NATEA-SV SIG-Software

Provider:Science & Technology Div. TECO in San Francisco 2004.10.12

Digital  technologies  have  made  a  significant  difference  to  our  life.  Digital  contents  will  be  the  next  wave  that  changes  our  life.  For  example,  over  the  past  decade,  many  people  got  used  to  using  mobile  phones.  Some  of  us  even  have  two  or  more  mobile  phones.  Today,  mobile  phones  are  designed  to  take  pictures  or  listen  to  MP3.  Some  mobile  phones  even  have  color  screens  that  can  play  multimedia  games  or  watch  video.  This  is  just  a  simple  example  that  digital  technologies  have  changed  our  life  in  many  ways.
The  society  has  evolved  from  an  agricultural  society  to  an  industrial  one,  and  now  to  an  informational  community.  Some  people  predict  that  it  will  be  a  content  society  in  the  future.  In  that  society,  contents  instead  of  technology  are  the  key  differentiator  between  products.  Let’s  take  shoe  products  for  example:  technological  level  is  a  secondary  concern  to  the  price  of  the  shoes.  If  we  can  combine  shoes  with  the  NBA  super  star  Michael  Jordan’s  performance,  then  the  value  of  Jordan’s  shoes  is  priceless  [12].  In  the  future,  technology  is  no  longer  the  key  to  success  because  the  technology  across  the  industry  is  similar.  Contents  which  include  story  and/or  dream  will  play  a  more  important  role.  
Let’s  take  a  closer  look at the trend in Silicon Valley after the past three-year downturn. High-tech giants (such as Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, etc.) tout digital entertainment as their next big buzz. The buzz is about iPod or portable media player, rathe ... Full Story ...

  Sci-Tech Taiwan
 [BioChemistry] Biological Chemistry Researchers Target XIAP/Caspase-7 Complex to Kill Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells (Chinese Version) 2013.09.13
 [BioChemistry] Vaccinia A27 Protein Structure is Revealed to Regulate Virus and Host Cell Membrane Fusion (Chinese Version) 2013.09.09
 [Academics] Five Scholars Receive First Academia Sinica Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences 2013.01.07
 [Cognitive Sciences] Cognitive Neuroscientists Find the Cross-cultural Universality of Brain Networks for rReading 2013.01.07
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 Sleep, Alzheimer’s link explained 2017.09.05
 TechShop: Enabling the Innovative Community 2017.08.11
 Spray-on memory could enable bendable digital storage 2017.07.03
 Better Scaffolds help scientists study cancer 2017.06.05
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